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Upside Potential Signals Higher Profit Margins for HNT

Upside Potential Signals Higher Profit Margins for HNT

Source from HyperNation Medium

The recent surge in the cryptocurrency market is much-anticipated, with Bitcoin making a comeback surpassing the $21,000 mark for the first time in months. However, contrary to that, the HyperNation Token (HNT) is trending lower, swapping hands to as low as $0.578 at the time of writing after significantly declining from over $1.

What Happened?

Obviously, it’s possible that some may have left the crypto party to pursue other opportunities. And, certainly, everyone in the community was panicking. With all due respect, the price of a cryptocurrency is determined by market sentiment, in which seller supply naturally matches buyer demand. HODLers are contented in any case. Hence, price movement is a healthy sign of fair trading; otherwise, the price would have stagnated.

Buy Low, Sell High!

While a firm price signals the rising risks, a softening price is a golden opportunity for position addition since it implies an upside potential as well as higher profit margins. If you want to enter the market, now is the time. This dogma resonates with Warrant Buffet’s famous quote,

So, Why Are People Selling Off When the Price Is Low?

, and Rome was no exception. The same is true for your relationships, friendships, and even your HNT ownership. Those who devote their time and energy to what they believe in will undoubtedly witness the breaking dawn. Despite this golden rule, most people lack the perseverance to remain that long. As a result, we can only say goodbye to the faint of heart. Just imagine those who had let go of Bitcoin when it went as low as $3,000; perseverance says it all.

Of course, some people may have taken money out to cover living expenditure; also, in conjunction with New Year’s celebrations, some might have cashed out to cover festive-season expenses, especially when the labor market slows down after a protracted holiday season. Aside from that, because this is merely the beginning, it is nearly impossible for the HNT token to hit ground zero. The whole scope of the megaproject has yet to be revealed, but it is poised for far greater things to come.

Exciting Progress Will Be Revealed Soon

HNT will withstand the test of time, whether in a bull or bear market. In the near future, The HyperNation has a slew of pretty interesting things planned for everyone, such as an exciting P2E game called HyperPlanet and a cross-chain wallet system called HyperWallet, to name a few. Those that decided to part with HNT will regret their acute withdrawal once the plans are implemented.

Remember, for all cryptocurrency believers. Sit back, relax, and touch some grass when the price comes down. This is a long-term project. If you think long-term, all you have to do is stay cool, and you will see that this is simply a small turmoil. The price will eventually readjust and rebound back on its own.

Just one more thing. Stay tuned for updates. More exciting news is on the horizon.

P/S: At the time of publishing, HNT has already surged 12.64% to 0.686! When market confidence returns, we are all set for the moon.

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