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Behold as The Whimsical Gaming Kingdom Opens Up


Behold as The Whimsical Gaming Kingdom Opens Up

Source from HyperNation Medium

As we approach the end of the year, The HyperNation is still doing its best to bring citizens the perfect Christmas gift so they can spend this year 2022 with surprise, joy, and happiness. The HyperNation has already hosted numerous events, but in addition to the Christmas fun this month, there will also be a brand-new special conference of The HyperNation! During this conference, let’s behold as the new future unfolds, defying the conventional and recreating an entirely new world.

The theme of this grand event revolves around a grand finale for the year 2022, in which we will take a stroll down memory lane back in time, recalling what we have achieved throughout the year. The HyperNation has broken new ground throughout the past few months as the ecosystem is constantly innovating. We have been improving by leaps and bounds, and our citizens are growing into a sizable population from a diverse demographics. Looking back from the beginning with HyperNation Token (HNT) and HyperNation Dollar (HND) to the current HyperWallet Token (HWT), it is a credit to all of our citizens from the culmination of our efforts.

Every breakthrough The HyperNation made can never be realized without the collective consensus of our citizens. For the upcoming year 2023, The HyperNation believes that we will be on a higher level than now, and there will be more surprises waiting for every citizen in addition to the newly released HyperPlanet. The honor of the citizens is the legacy curated by the nation. This is a nation that belongs to everyone, and the citizens are the source of power that fuels the development of the nation.

On 17 December 2022 08:00 EST, The HyperNation online conference: WHIMSICAL GAMING KINGDOM will surely amaze every citizen. This eagerly anticipated conference will draw attention from around the world. Given the many encouraging remarks and suggestions we received from the previous conference, attendants can expect to learn new, innovative, and interesting information about how to enter this exceptional nation where everyone can interact, learn, create, play, and more. It is evident that The HyperNation has made enormous strides in its development. One of the most important milestones has been the adoption of innovation, which will help the nation not only maintain its quick growth but also provide its citizens with more advantages and a high standard of living.

This conference will focus on various topics:

1. Firstly, The HyperNation will officiate and release the anthem for the first time. This anthem will express the spirit of our nation, which will be a piece of music composition that represents the vows for all citizens of The HyperNation. Indeed the perfect song to promote bold confidence and the unique cohesion of its citizenship.

2. Secondly, it is about the first line of defence for the nation, The HyperNation Bureau Of Forefront. Born out of a strong belief in individual rights, a stable economy, and a strong sense of pride and nationalism, in order to defend against any threats that could cause harm to the nation, The HyperNation Bureau Of ForeFront is deployed to raise awareness of national security for all citizens.

3. Thirdly, The HyperNation had prepared a small surprise for each citizen in the previous conference. Every citizen has been cognizant that this surprise is related to the upcoming release of GameFi, so the purpose of this conference is to go into the details of the GameFi’s components and get everyone fully informed of what is fore-coming.

4. Fourthly, and even more exciting, The HyperNation has been working hard to build a fully functional and sustainable economy in the Metaverse. If you’re a blockchain enthusiast, what will be mentioned at this conference will definitely make you elated — there is a proprietary wallet soon to be released by The HyperNation for you to store digital assets and more.

5. Lastly, during this conference, The HyperNation will grant all attendants chances to grab exclusive conference benefits, including Whimsical Welfare and Christmas Welfare, which will be divided into different phases. If you have subscribed to Christmas Bundles, you will not want to miss the Whimsical Welfare. And if you subscribe to Whimsical Welfare, you might want to subscribe to Christmas Welfare too. Either of these conditions enables you to receive a limited edition Christmas HOS NFT, which will be a very exciting Christmas gift worth more than just sentimental value!

It is clear that The HyperNation is making significant steps forward, the nation is continuously innovating, rapidly developing, and steadily performing in various aspects. As a result, not only has the social order been significantly improved but economic growth and national development have also gained great success.

In the future, The HyperNation will continue to meet the growing diversity of the economy and society, further optimize the diverse financial ecosystem, strengthen internal management, promote the smooth development of the national economy, and create an optimal living environment for all citizens.

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