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The HyperNation Bureau of Forefront (BOF) – Freedom, Glory & Love For Our Nation

Bureau of Forefront

The HyperNation Bureau of Forefront (BOF) – Freedom, Glory & Love For Our Nation

Bureau of Forefront
Source from HyperNation Official Website

Hello and welcome onboard!

Let us extend our warmest greetings to The HyperNation Bureau of Forefront (BOF)!

The core ideologies of freedom and faith shall never be left to chance. If we had the power to determine the future growth of our community and nation, then it’s certainly better to contribute and be part of something truly unimaginable instead of being merely spectators to the cause. Here it is, introducing The HyperNation Bureau of Forefront!

Built based on the concept of Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), the formation of our new blockchain security division will play an integral role in the overall structure and blockchain governance within The HyperNation.

First and foremost, all citizens are encouraged to first enroll as part of The HyperNation Bureau of Forefront. Formally, we want to be able to maintain the highest degree of order and stability within this wonderful nation, and this would not be possible without full commitment, hardwork and trust amongst its own citizens.

In the midst of all the chaos in our world today, The HyperNation will strive to build an eternal metaverse that will free us from pain, suffering and the remnants of inequality. A blockchain-based utopian kingdom that will be built to last for decades and even centuries. It will be a place for everyone that may feel left out in our world today, as we aim to build a utopian kingdom that disregards any forms of discrimination whatsoever. But, this would not be possible without real structure in place, hence there will be remuneration and budget breakdown for those who register to be part of the front-liners that promise to defend the nation’s interest.

The HyperNation will allocate a portion of the national budget for blockchain defence, security, and safety purposes. These will be used to cover basic salaries, recruitment, training, various security defence equipment, and regular support for the network infrastructure. Part of the organizational military structure will include the following: Ministry of Defense; Generals; Lieutenants; Sergeants; Private Army; and Special Forces.

The first and final line of defence will come from both The HyperNation Bureau of Forefront. And we know that there will be numerous attacks around the internet that may pose as a threat to the stability of this nation. Hence, it’s important for The HyperNation Bureau of Forefront to work around the clock, hold the line and build a fortress that will keep the citizens safe and sound. The internet is a global network of billions of computers and other electronic devices. Clearly, The HyperNation cannot control what others will do on the internet, especially if it has the potential to jeopardize the overall security of our nation.

The external threats may include online media, news outlets or even direct/indirect competitors coming from all corners of the world. There may be hate speech, spam accounts or fake news arising from these sources, hence it is vital for The HyperNation Bureau of Forefront to build an internet army and PR security personnel to fend off these cyber threats. Internally, there may be spies, whistleblowers, hackers or even hoaxers from the internal management. The HyperNation Bureau of Forefront will look to identify these threats and eliminate them immediately without fail.

The eternal bond that drives The HyperNation’s heartbeat will undoubtedly derive from a high level of general consensus among its citizens. Only when we truly care for our nation or put aside our personal interests will we be able to foster a deep sense of patriotism, allegiance, loyalty, and dedication in order to protect The HyperNation.

Someone once quoted, “Civilization comes from the ground, not the government.” And yes, the citizens can play a greater role in protecting the nation’s interests, its security infrastructure, and upholding our democracy at all times.

Let’s be part of The HyperNation Bureau of Forefront! The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. It is now your time to defend this country as if it were your own, and never, ever give in to the enemy!

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