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The Grand Finale of Enchanted Valentine’s Campaign

The Grand Finale of Enchanted Valentine’s Campaign

Enchanted Valentines
Source from HyperNation Medium

This February, The HyperNation launched the first-ever Valentine’s campaign called “Enchanted Valentine’s” with the aim to promote openly communicating personal thoughts, feelings, and experiences. These free flows of communication help you and your partner understand one another better and keep your souls bound to each other intimately. So, how does this campaign work towards this direction? Surprisingly, it is through the generous share of yields from the welfare rewards.

This Enchanted Valentine’s campaign enables all subscribers to receive 3.5 times the benefits for subscribing to any Welfare over the course of these few days by featuring a Love Potion of a Limited-Edition Welfare! A slew of promotion and online ads featuring “Love Thyself” imagery and the tagline “Enchanted Valentine” accompanied the campaign.

The campaign generated a lot of citizens’ attention and social media buzz. The campaign received positive coverage in the community and was widely shared on social media. Not only that, the campaign was so popular that it led to the welfare subscription being fully snapped up way earlier than expected, and the campaign ended early, which is a much-appreciated feat!

Next, let’s review the essence of this campaign!

Affection Welfare (12,000 HWT): subscribers can receive 3.5 times rewards up to 42,000 HWT and 1 booster slot. A 20% pairing of HyperBond is enabled for the Affection Welfare subscription!

Intimacy Welfare (6,000 HWT) and Passion Welfare (10,000 HWT): Both welfare will be giving out x3.5 rewards and allocating 1 booster slot to all subscribers.

– Now, a special edition of Endearment Welfare, for only 24,000 HWT to subscribe, there are only 2500 copies of Endearment Welfare available, and every subscriber can get 1 Love Potion MAX!

Wow! That makes all subscribers’ hearts skip a beat, and we never want to lose that feeling. It’s a great fortune to have the Love Potion by your side, all subscribers, because selling out means you are among the lucky ones who get to reap the rewards more than those non-subscribers at a very early stage. The 3.5x rewards will bring a change to your life as the token price of HWT is still rising above 0.08, which doubled its price before the campaign commenced.

So, keep in mind that Valentine’s Day is not just about romantic love; you may also show your gratitude to your family and friends. Think about sending your loved ones a considerate present or a modest sign of appreciation.

Of course, if you miss this opportunity to show your feelings to your loved ones or to your lover, that’s okay. It’s never too slow to express your love, so seize the opportunity to express your love, and maybe the next campaign will be your best chance!

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