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The altering times, the future world

The altering times, the future world

It is safe to say that at one time or another, we have created a Facebook account, with its immense popularity across the globe. Facebook has established itself as a household name, an undisputed statement considering the 2.39 billion monthly active users (according to Statista) during the first quarter of 2022 alone.
Hence many heads turned when the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, decided to rename Facebook as Meta. On the surface level, the name change may appear superficial, but it was so much more than that for those who are versed in blockchain and all its intricacies. The truth is, many experts, besides Mark Zuckerberg, have already predicted the next age to be steeped in the metaverse.
As technology grows at a neck breaking speed, introducing disruptions on a holistic level, we can already feel the next transition just around the corner. For those who are unprepared, they will find the new age a very unsettling experience with all its advancements that will upset the balance of power and redistribute wealth and income.
Hence the astute individual would opt for a soft landing on this very alien landscape, and what better way to achieve that than by joining communities on the metaverse. Among these are such as Sandbox, Roblox, and Blocktopia.
But a new and revolutionary community is awakening on the metaverse horizon, and it is no other than HyperNation. People may assume that HyperNation is just another garden-variety community on the metaverse, but the truth is so much more. HyperNation is set to redefine the metaverse in very tangible ways.
Imagine every nationstates across the globe converging into a single point. It may sound contradictory to the blockchain technology that is decentralized, but as we delve deeper, that single point shall expand to encompass universes beyond comprehension, which is what the HyperNation is all about.
HyperNation is set to become the international virtual crossroad, where everyone, regardless of race, gender, religion or creed can enter and interact with each other without inhibition. People may say, “Isn’t this the same as all the other virtual communities out there in the Metaverse?” Well most of these communities out there are focused towards interaction and the discussion of topics.
On the other hand, HyperNation is geared towards combating the ills of society, such as injustice, economic problems and liberation from slavery. Its stance towards ethics is an admirable one, and will no doubt rub on the other virtual communities out there.
When geopolitical changes occur, many adverse effects will come to being, such as job losses, the redistribution of wealth, control, and inexorably, violence. A dangerous time is approaching and the presence of an utopian community is needed more than ever.
HyperNation is that community and it has the necessary instruments and leverages to create more than a safe place for us all, but to further propagate the virtues that will bring about everlasting peace on earth.
In HyperNation, rewards have been seamlessly interwoven in your interactions within the virtual realm and this is designed to foster an environment where everyone helps each other out. A selfless nation is a utopian nation.
Moving parallel with this ethical ecosystem is the strategic process of encapsulating ethical philosophy to better further the human race. Virtual forums not unlike the Agora of Athens shall be commonplace in HyperNation, propagating the values that bring about a more peaceful human race.

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