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Stop Worrying about the Risk of Market Volatility with $HND Staking

Stop Worrying about the Risk of Market Volatility with $HND Staking

Source from HyperNation Medium
When Bitcoin first became publicly available in 2009, the price for one token was just a fraction of a dollar. Since then, its price has increased by tens of thousands of dollars over the years. At the same time, however, the rise and fall of its value can be significant by thousands of dollars within days.

For the record, Bitcoin’s value started at zero when it was introduced in 2009, jumping to a value of $0.09 in July 2010. Fast forward to November 2021, when bitcoin reached an all-time high of $68,990.90 before falling to a price below $17,000 in a period of less than a year.

These fluctuations in value can be seen as a double-edged sword despite potential growth of assets, as they can also bring substantial losses, especially for less experienced traders, for whom the sharp upswings in volatility can create more challenges than opportunities.

Passive yield strategies like long-term staking, however, could be handy in offsetting these losses. The HyperNation Dollar ($HND) staking program, for example, offers hodlers and stakers opportunities to reap benefits, even during challenging market conditions such as bear markets.

Before We Go Further, What Is $HND Staking?

Staking is the process of locking one’s funds on a PoS blockchain (such as $HND) to help validate transactions and earn rewards. When users stake their $HND, they are essentially putting their skin in the game and helping to secure the network.

In return for their efforts, $HND stakers receive rewards in the form of $HWT. $HND staking might be expensive for some but it is equally rewarding as it is the safest and easiest way to generate passive rewards from your cryptocurrency stakes.

But how can staking $HND protect crypto enthusiasts from market volatility?

A Stable Revenue Stream, With Almost No Downside!

One of the main benefits of staking is that it can provide a stable source of rewards for stakers, even during the winter market. Staking stable coins like $HND is always a preferred choice because the value is pegged to $1 and is not affected by volatility or market cycles, yet you will still receive passive rewards from the accumulated $HWT.

It is safe to say that staking stable coins like $HND is not subject to the same level of volatility as other cryptocurrencies, which are more susceptible to sudden price drops or spikes. Stable coins are designed to maintain their peg to the underlying asset, which provides a level of predictability and stability to stakers. These factors can make staking stable coins a less risky option compared to other cryptocurrencies.

More Staking, More Stability

Moreover, staking can incentivize stakers to hold onto their cryptocurrency for a longer period of time that can help stabilize the token’s ecosystem and the crypto market as a whole. When users stake their $HND tokens, they are essentially taking them out of circulation, which can reduce the overall supply of the cryptocurrency and help to sustain the TVL of the staked tokens.

As a result of reducing the overall supply of $HND in circulation, staking can strengthen the market capital of the coin. When users stake their cryptocurrency, they are essentially holding good faith on the long-term success of $HND. This coherent signal can encourage other crypto believers to make a similar move, which will indirectly increase demand for the cryptocurrency in the long run.

Offset Losses from Market Volatility

Another key benefit of stablecoin staking like $HND is that it can help to offset losses that hodlers might otherwise experience due to sudden drops in the value of their overall cryptocurrency holdings. They may opt to swap their crypto portfolio into $HND and stake them to grow stakes. As staking rewards are generally fixed and predictable, providing a stable source of rewards can technically avoid market volatility in the cryptocurrency context.

For example, during a period of market volatility where the value of a particular cryptocurrency may be subject to significant fluctuations, $HND staking rewards will continue to provide stakers with a consistent and reliable source of rewards. This can help to reduce the overall impact of market volatility on the stakers’ portfolio, allowing stakers to weather periods of market turbulence more effectively.

Overall, $HND staking rewards are less subject to the volatility of the cryptocurrency market. By generating $HWT rewards for staking their $HND, stakers can offset some of the losses they might otherwise experience, making it an attractive option for those looking for a more stable strategy.


Over the years, the cryptocurrency’s total market value has consistently trended upward over the long term. However, the cryptocurrency market can be too volatile and risky for some. While the world of crypto is enduring its longest winter season and now we are at the bear-bull crossroad, there is only one way to keep the price of your crypto stakes stable and keep it going up: by staking $HND.

Stake $HND with confidence and reap the rewards. Our competitive reward plan guarantees you a promising return on your portfolio. Take advantage of this opportunity today and start generating steady, passive yields. Join the movement now and secure your financial future!
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