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Refer & Earn: New Year Fiesta

Refer & Earn: New Year Fiesta

Shower in the Good Vibes Encompassing The HyperNation

What feels like the end is often the beginning, and we are bringing the celebrations to you this 2023! The year 2022 has been a remarkable year for the inception of The HyperNation. As we stride into the year 2023, there is even more excitement awaiting us ahead.

Kickstart the New Year with full aspirations, The HyperNation is determined to pursue the ultimate goal that continues to propel the first virtual nation to a greater height. Let us entice a renewed sense of purpose that a new beginning can bring, and share this spirit with your friends and family. As the saying goes: to go faster, walk alone but to go further, walk together. The HyperNation is a utopian nation that you will definitely want to share with everyone you love most.

A Fruitful Year Starts with New Year Fiesta

Introducing the Refer & Earn: New Year Fiesta campaign. Now, with every 5 referrals you make, you’ll be rewarded an amount of HyperNation Dollar (HND) and HyperWallet Token (HWT) for every valid Green Box purchase. Other than that, you will also receive a New Year H.O.S. NFT as a token of appreciation once you have accumulated 10 referrals and above.

> H.O.S. NFT

There are 2 types of New Year H.O.S. NFTs: 2D and 3D. While the 2D version is the exclusive reward for 10 successful referrals and above, 30 successful referrals will get a 3D version of New Year H.O.S. NFT.

> HND Rewards

HND will be distributed to reward all successful referees in percentage accordingly: 66 HND which is 55% for Tier 1 referrals, 12 HND which is 10% for Tier 2 referrals, and 6 HND which is 5% for Tier 3 referrals.

> HWT Rewards

$30 USD worth of HWT rewards will be given to reward 5 referrals, $50 USD worth for 10 referrals, $80 USD worth for 15 referrals, and $200 worth for 30 and above referrals.

How to Participate

Firstly, participants are required to click ‘Join Now’ button either from an in-app pop-up message, a floating icon, or a banner. Secondly, your referrals need to subscribe to a Green Box and complete Token ID binding. And voila, kick back and sit tight for the fantastic rewards that are coming to you.

This campaign is open to all citizens of The HyperNation from 5 January 2023 at 0100 EST | 1400 SGT till 15 January 2023 at 0059 EST | 1359 SGT. Rewards will be distributed at the end of the campaign (T+2), and below are the details:

1. HND will be credited to your Rewards Account.

2. HWT will be credited to your Deposit Account.

3. New Year H.O.S. NFT will go to your MyNFT homepage.

Kindly be reminded that only the Green Boxes subscribed during the campaign that is bound to the participant will be counted. And any Green Box subscriptions or Token ID binding that occur before/after the campaign period is ineligible for the rewards.

Why You Need Not Fear the Bear Market

In fact, the bear market opens up a golden opportunity for you to venture into the market. Lower entry equals higher gain, albeit the crypto winter, the bearish market is contradictory to the market sentiment as it offers lower risks and a greater risk and reward ratio.

Underscoring this financial dogma in Wall Street is Warren Buffet’s saying: be greedy when others are fearful. Moreover, you have a long list of good reasons to share with your family and friends a project like The HyperNation that is not just ambitious but pragmatic at the same time as we march forward for steady growth.

So, what are you waiting for if not now? Begin your New Year Fiesta referral quest at the best timing to invite your family and friends to The HyperNation, the first virtual nation that always rewards fellow citizens.

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