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Feeling inequality in society

Hypernation | Feeling inequality

Feeling inequality in society

Hypernation | Feeling inequality
Feeling inequality in society?
Source from Hypernation Medium

Hypernation is here to let everyone feel equal in reality.
Although everyone have put an equal amount of effort, but some people just easily gain power and money in real life. Others are destined to be milestone away from a success merely due to the mediocre background.. What we can do about the current democratic system, or the unfair and unequal distribution of resources?

The purpose of hypernation is to break the rules. We strongly believe on the fairness and justice for everyone. We have come out with the systematic financial system program. So we chose the decentralization of the blockchain as the foundation.Hypernation will be an equal, fair and transparent platform that can solve the pain points of today’s society for you
Hypernation firmly believes that blockchain technology can achieve ‘fairness, justice and openness’ advocated by the supremacy of human rights. Hypernation’s goal is to achieve transparency and systematization.
Hypernation implements the consensus mechanism to the end to achieve true decentralization, where everyone’s income should be calculated by their contribution. Your return does not need to be proven by any person or organization. All accounts are recorded and assigned, which means that as long as the action is actually done, the result can be enjoyed without anyone else’s permission.
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