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Enchanted Valentines, An Event All Couples Should Join and Here’s Why

Enchanted Valentines, An Event All Couples Should Join and Here’s Why

Enchanted Valentines
Source from HyperNation Medium

As February draws near, it signals Valentine’s Day, a day when passion and romance join together as one, is not far behind. In Medieval Times, courtly love was a prevalent custom in Europe, and Saint Valentine’s Day evolved into a day for exchanging romantic notes and presents. Over time, the holiday gradually evolved and is now widely observed as a day dedicated to love and passion all over the world.

Having a romantic dinner, taking a trip, or spending quality time with your lover. Lo and behold, The HyperNation is pleased to announce a brand-new campaign that commemorates this lovely occasion with you. This campaign is open to all citizens of The HyperNation and there are TWO Rounds!

– Round 1 from 14 February 2023 at 0000 EST | 1300 SGT till 14 February 2023 at 2359 EST | 15 February 2023 at 1259 SGT.

– Round 2 from 15 February 2023 at 0000 EST | 1300 SGT till 23 February 2023 at 2359 EST | 24 February 2023 1259 SGT

Enchanted Valentines

There are only 10,000 copies of Affection Welfare available in Round 1.

Affection Welfare: For only 12,000 HWT to subscribe, you can earn 3.5 times rewards up to 42,000 HWT, which is a definitely lucrative way of growing your assets. Plus, adding to the excitement, a 20% pairing of HyperBond is enabled for the subscription of Affection Welfare ONLY.

In Round 2 there will be two other Welfare, one for Intimacy Welfare and one for Passion Welfare. The prices are 6,000 HWT (Intimacy Welfare) and 10,000 HWT (Passion Welfare). The welfare of this campaign will be 3.5 times more rewarding than the typical welfare, so all of you should take advantage of it and must not miss it!

In addition to that, each Welfare offers one extra booster slot, which enables you to flexibly match it with other equipment for a maximum boost of the rewards you receive, and also, citizens who subscribe to one of the Welfare will receive 700 contribution points.

Openly communicating personal thoughts, feelings, and experiences will help you and your partner understand one another better and keep your souls bound to each other intimately. If love potions ever exist in this world, a madness that goes viral across the world can be expected as everyone will desperately fight for it. However, the sad truth is, there is no real love potion in this world. So, fret not and calm down, we have the HyperNation’s love potion underway!

A Midnight Dream of Cascading Spring

A love potion is an all-time fabricated concoction said to possess the mythical power to make the drinker fall in love with someone with wild intentions. Such a potion is usually portrayed to have magical or supernatural properties that cause the drinker to fall under its spell in popular culture, especially in works of fiction. But of course, these love potions in The HyperNation are nothing close to these fictional narratives. Still, it offers consistent rewards that are more than sufficient for you to get something your loved one has been longing for. Guess what? Drum-rolls… Ta-da! Yes, they are speed boosters.

There are 2 types of Love Potions, in specific the “Love Potion” and the “Love Potion MAX”. You can obtain “Love Potion” by either staking a minimum of 400 HND for 45 days or subscribing to either of these Welfare. If you want to obtain “Love Potion MAX”, you must stake 400 HND and subscribe to either of these Welfare. The “Love Potion” can help boost your welfare release rate by 10%, whereas the “Love Potion MAX” can increase your release rate by 20%.

It is worth noting that both love potions are limited to 5,555 copies, and the use period will be unlimited, users can use them at any time in any of the welfare.

Let’s Talk, Heart to Heart.

In addition to that, this Valentine’s campaign also entices participants in many ways. Participants may enjoy all the rewards they deserve, which can be found below.

– Subscribe to 1x Welfare to get 1x “Love Potion”
– Stake 400 HND to get 1x “Love Potion”
– Stake 800 HND to get 2x “Love Potion”
– Subscribe to 1x Welfare AND stake 400 HND to get 2x “Love Potion”
– Subscribe to 2x Welfare AND stake 800 HND to get 2x “Love Potion MAX”
– Subscribe to 5x Welfare AND stake 400 HND to get 4x “Love Potion” and 1x “Love Potion MAX”

Begin your journey of seeking love in this Valentine’s campaign now! Hesitation is defeat!

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