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What is Cosmopolitanism?
It is normal for the human soul to crave peace and harmony, a condition that cannot be met as long as the world we know is divided by imaginary borders. As long as borders exist, humanity will continue to participate in fruitless but violent tugs-of-war, ending in death or suffering.
Cosmopolitanism is the answer to this problem, a concept that several great minds have thought about. Take for example, Kwame Anthony Appiah, who articulates a cosmopolitan community where individuals from varying locations can enter relationships of mutual respect despite their differing beliefs.
Or Immanuel Kant who envisioned a cosmopolitan world where armies were abolished and humans were governed under a representative global institution. In all instances, proponents of cosmopolitanism share an emphasis that all humans should form one cohesive and united community.
This idea will never take flight in the real world, hence it can only be brought to life in the Metaverse. HyperNation is here to espouse the concept of a new cosmopolitanism, where human rights, financial freedom, and self-enlightenment come together in a singular, enlightened community.
We stand strong with our commitment to unifying this world. It is a mission made easy by the strength of our economic consensus and cooperation. HyperNation has been specially designed to function when everyone works with each other, hence this will be easy for cosmopolitanism to happen.
In an environment where the strong aid the needy, this can only mean one thing—a united, civilized, and harmonious community. A nation can only become stronger if everyone is being wholeheartedly supported and no one is left behind.
Hear me, because HyperNation stands as the first virtual, cosmopolitan virtual nation on the Metaverse that champions human rights. Its presence is an undisputed statement that the impossible can be achieved if we are to put our hearts and minds into an effort.

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