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Come Onboard for Extra Rewards, The HyperNation Urges Foreign NFT Hodlers

Come Onboard for Extra Rewards, The HyperNation Urges Foreign NFT Hodlers

Source from HyperNation Medium

For a Metaverse-relevant project that is thriving with a list of initiatives paving on track, The HyperNation has been the talk of the town. And the sustainable market appreciation of Hitchhiker of Star (H.O.S.), HyperNation Token (HNT), and HyperWallet Token (HWT) is a testament to the community’s growth, giving consistent reassurance towards The HyperNation’s exciting plan.

You might be interested in joining the community all this while but have been refrained by the recent havoc in the blockchain industry. Fret not. Now is the right time for you to join us! An initiative launched by The HyperNation lately has opened up a rare opportunity to welcome non-H.O.S. hodlers onboard and be one of the discerning citizens of The HyperNation.

The First Project That Recognizes Outsiders with a Foreign NFT

Yes, the year 2022 has been a truly eventful journey for every NFT fan and blockchain connoisseur. You might have overbought other NFTs that are worthless, and you have no idea what to do with them. The HyperNation understands you well. Initiated with the aim of promoting community spirits, the Foreign NFT Incubation Program could be your answer. Through this program, hodlers of any foreign NFTs are welcome to deposit the NFT to redeem a booster item and be recognized as a citizen by The HyperNation.

Withdraw Your Foreign NFT from the Program Anytime

As long as you own an ERC-721 compliant NFT, you are eligible to join The HyperNation through this incubation program and enjoy extra rewards from the booster item usable for welfare emission in The HyperNation. Best of all, there is no lock-in period once you have deposited your NFT. You can withdraw your asset anytime you wish. Hence, this flexibility clearly denotes our sincerity to welcome new citizens onboard.

Enjoy Welfare as a Citizen of The HyperNation

You will receive Universal Basic Income (UBI) enabled by the welfare you are entitled to. Once you are enrolled through the Foreign NFT Incubation Program, you will be able to accelerate your emission rate by 200% through a one-of-a-kind welfare called the Public Welfare.

Not just that. In fact, being a part of The HyperNation is a privilege as you enjoy enormous returns following your participation in a series of initiatives, including liquidity mining that allows you to gain extra rewards in HNT and HWT. Best still, The HyperNation has even more in the plan for you in the near future. Undoubtedly, this is the place you have been looking for, a virtual nation of diverse ventures in the blockchain realm. So, come join us with your foreign NFT. The HyperNation welcomes you with open arms, unconditionally!

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